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Career Coaching Archives

How to combat obstacles in the workplace

October 9, 2015 |

Everyone expects to be treated fairly in the workplace based on experience, qualifications and merit, regardless of gender. Unfortunately this is not always the case, especially for women.

When someone is experiencing difficulty with fair treatment at work there are … Read More

Australia’s VET system needs fundamental change – here’s how it can be fixed

September 25, 2015 |

Stories about abuses in Australian vocational education and training (VET) continue to appear some six months after the federal government announced reforms that were meant to clean up the sector.

Lured by government subsidies, registered training organisations (RTOs) are enrolling … Read More

The increasing number of female finance graduates – a reverse gender gap?

September 23, 2015 |

Recently, I came across an article raising alarm at an increasing gender gap – but not the kind you’re thinking. This article was questioning whether women are now more advantaged, now that there are more female graduates in Australia than … Read More

Australian doctor duo walk away from well-paying careers to pursue start-up life

September 22, 2015 |

It was a tough conversation for Melbourne medical students Andrew Lin and Hon Weng Chong telling their parents that, after studying for six years, they were going to walk away from careers as doctors to become tech entrepreneurs.

Medicine is, after … Read More

Stressed at work? How to beat common traps in the rat race

September 15, 2015 |

Hunched over, hardly moving for hours on end, hitting the same buttons again and again in the hope of a future reward… sound familiar?

I’ve spent most of my 20-year career as a neuroscientist in laboratories, studying rats and other … Read More

Forget executive coaching, invest in your female millennials

September 14, 2015 |

Female millennials will form close to 25% of the world’s workforce by 2020 (World Economic Forum) and employers must think and act differently to get the best out of this powerful force of emerging talent.

A recent article by the … Read More

These are the jobs that Australians really want but have trouble finding

September 14, 2015 |

ADMINISTRATION and secretarial jobs are hot property yet hard to nab, with jobseekers searching in their droves.

The job category has been the most-searched on every month this year followed by either retail or hospitality, travel and tourism. … Read More

Like a ‘cancer’ of the workplace, bullying is a symptom of dysfunction

September 7, 2015 |

Over a decade ago now, I read a research article that called bullying the “cancer” of the workplace. I’ve been wondering since then whether bullying is really serious enough to warrant that language – and what can be done about … Read More

Research find one in five Australians are in the wrong job

September 7, 2015 |

THANK God it’s Friday.

If you’re on your way home, or to the pub, you are probably heaving a massive sigh of relief that the work week is over.

But while Friday-itis has been accepted as normal among the gainfully … Read More

Common Pieces Of Career Advice You Should Ignore

August 31, 2015 |

No matter what industry you’re in or looking to get into, there’s no doubt you’ve come across these pieces of advice from well-meaning friends or family. Despite good intentions, they might not always be in your best interests. Check out … Read More